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„Donelaičio žemė“ – in Lithuanian libraries

Magazine „Donelaičio žemė“, published by Kristijonas Donelaitis association, reaches a lot of Lithuania libraries, where the magazine can be found by its readers. Press, radio and television support fund, which supports the magazine publication, has subscribed 250 copies of „Donelaičio žemė“ magazine for the libraries of the country. In various regions and municipalities, the central working libraries and their few biggest subsidiaries get the magazine.

In Marijampolė municipality, the magazine can be found and read in the public P.Kriaučiūnas library, as well as in its subsidiary located in Draugystės street, also in Igliauka, Sasnava and Liudvinavas libraries. The magazine can also be found in Vilkaviškis, Šakiai region, as well in Kalvarija and Kazlų Rūda municipality libraries and their biggest subsidiaries. In neighbouring Jurbarkas region, without the public library, „Donelaičio žemė“  can be found in Smalininkai, Skirsnemunė, Veliuona and Viešvilė subsidiaries. It is the same in other regions and municipalities.

Besides, readers can find the magazine in K.Donelaitis association sections in Marijampolė, Panevėžys, Klaipėda, Vilnius and in editorial office, which is located in Marijampolė, Vytauto st. 28. We invite you to visit and read our magazine. 


Editorial office

This years‘ "Donelaičio žemė" No.2

A new, No.2 "Donelaičio žemė" magazine has been published this year.

It is written about universal K.Donelaitis association meeting and decisions made in it, magazine editor Algis Vaškevičius tells about K.Donelaitis association and magazine introductions for lithuanians living in America, a conversation is presented with the third and the final, last years‘ K.Donelaitis medal "Hearty brother" nominee, historian, enciklopaedist doctor Algirdas Matulevičius, an essay of historian, professor, Lithuanian Republic Consul in Tilžė Bronius Makauskas about a priest Anupras Gauronskis working in Kaliningrad region has been finished printing.

About K.Donelaitis readings in Marijampolė, when classics lines were being read in various worlds‘ languages, writes Marijampolė K.Donelaitis association chairman Vida Mickuvienė, as well the readers can know, what have the children from neighbouring countries did during summer etnocamp "Search of source" in Punsk in the meanwhile. As earlier, Lithuanian language lessons are being continued, also it writes about support for national minority projects in Lithuania, G.Bučiūnas essay about history of the region and cultural cognition club ALKAS 50-year celebration has finished printing.


„Donelaičio žemė“ No.3 has just been published

We just released a new magazine this year "Donelaičio žemė" No.3. It starts in short news about 2014-2020 Lithuania and Russian Federation cross-border coopetation program opening conference, which was being held in Rūsiai (Svetlogorsk). Also, there is written about a new governor election in Kaliningrad, as well that in Stalupėnai (Nesterov) town, directions have appeared in Russian and English languages to K.Donelaitis museum in Tolminkiemis.

Marijampolė K.Donelaitis association chairman Vida Mickuvienė, shares the memories of the association foundation and tells about the most important work done in seven years, meanwhile Aleksejus Bartnikas writes about the fourth children creativity camp „Legacy-4“ in Šventoji, where twenty pupils of Kaliningrad region were participating, were as most of them are attenting Lithuanian language and ethnic culture activities.

In this region, a teacher Emilija Algaudė Bukontienė working in Kraupiškis middle school, tells us about the teacher summer seminar „Native word - as national identity preservation priority“, that was being held in Druskininkai, she also writes about an excursion through the seacoast region, this excursion was dedicated to get to better know the Vydūnas life and works.


Once again about Donelaitis, Nadruva

Marijampolė’s K.Donelaitis society held a beautiful evening in Petras Kriaučiūnas public library, welcoming of Valentinas Juraitis photo album NADRUVA.Donelaičio takais. Photo gallery was supplemented with recently published Valentinas Juraitis photo album “Nadruva”.  

To the participants of the evening, author revealed that in order to make this book cognitive he took historical facts and short text from the past while presenting today’s image of the area.

That is the principle of long-distance consultation. Detecting immovable objects, the author plays with light and shadow effects, and gives a new life to things and trees as if trying to bring the viewer back to the past: Karaliaučius, Įsrutis, Skaisgiriai, Pabėtai, Tolminkiemis... And every name of the place contains information, associations, all that’s possible having the largest amount of cultural heritage knowledge.


On the roads of K.Donelaitis after 300 years

On October 28-29, the Ministry of Culture invited delegation of 40 people to Kaliningrad (Karaliaučius) area to participate in the events devoted to 300th birth anniversary of Donelaitis and to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the museum K.Donelaitis in Tolminkiemis. Throughout the journey delegations from various organizations (representatives from Seimas, Ministers of Culture and Foreign Affairs, society of K.Donelaitis, Lithuanian Writers and Artists association, academia, culture, representatives of education and art from Klaipėda, Kybartai) were accompanied by the staff of Embassy in Karaliaučius – acting Consul Vytautas Umbrasas and cultural attaché Romanas Senapėdis. We travelled by reading passages, listening to stories and the history of the region from N.Kitkauskas whom is also nicknamed as live encyclopedia.


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